Weekly Meetings

Our Senior Patrol Leader (SPL), who is an experienced scout in the troop, leads all of our meetings. Each meeting will have an agenda and a purpose.

Our meetings may focus on preparing for an upcoming campout, skill development, badge work, or a presentation from a community leader. Prior to our 7pm meetings, it is common for the scouts to bring their dinner and have their weekly patrol meetings. These meetings are run by the Patrol Leader. It is common that the scouts will work on badge work and plan their patrol meals for the upcoming campout.

Camping and Hiking

We camp and hike every month throughout the year. Each summer we will attend a week-long camp, or two. While each Scout has an opportunity to go canoeing, caving and take introductory backpacking trips, as a Scout gets older, they have the opportunity to go on more advanced adventures, like 20 to 50 mile backpacking trips.

Scout leadership isn’t limited to meetings. The Senior Patrol Leader is the primary leader in camp, and the Patrol Leader is responsible for their patrols. The adult scouters are there to enable guidance, but otherwise, this is where the scouts truly get to put all their skills into action. Monthly campouts are generally Friday evening to Sunday mid-day. Week-long camps could be in Arizona, Colorado, California, New Mexico, Hawaii, or other camps across the United States.

Public Service

Scouting for Food, Eagle Scout projects, and any other opportunity we find where we can give back to the community, we are there to help.

A Scout is helpful. Volunteering is a time to come together and give back to the community. A Scout is always looking to “do a good turn daily”, but sometimes scouts will coordinate a larger, more ambitious good deed. One of the most common ways a Scout gives back is through Eagle Scout projects. The Eagle Scout project is an integral part of the requirement to becoming a Eagle Scout. This project is created, organized, and led by the scout. It is always dedicated to serving the public.

Educational Trips

It’s one thing to read about something in a book, and an entirely other thing to experience it in person.  Field trips are always educational, and most important, fun!

The Titan Missile Museum, Biosphere II, National or State Parks or Monuments, and many other places of interest to the scouts are fair game for a field trip. Who decides where we go? The Scouts! Every year we have a yearly planning meeting where the scouts choose what they want to do.

A Supplemental Education

What’s great about scouting is that it’s also a supplemental education to school, except it’s an entirely different approach. You don’t usually know you are learning because it’s so much fun.